Professional Image and Design Services


Event Photography

The best photographs, the ones that capture the spirit of the moment, are taken from across the room when no one knows you’re taking them.  They are the genuine smiles, the warm embraces, the heart-felt tears, and the candid moments that tell the story of your day.

Portrait Photography

A portrait is more than a picture of your face or your family… it’s a representation of who you are.

Whether you just want a strong profile picture, a gift, or a complete portfolio, there is a packages designed for you.

Graphic Design

Whatever your personal or professional design needs, I can offer you an affordable solution.  Elegant invitations, creative custom gifts, and complete marketing packages... get everything you need from one place.

Image repair, restoration, and retouching

Have those cherished photos scanned, enlarged, restored, and preserved as high-resolution digital images.  Share them online, give prints as gifts, or preserve them from future damage and deterioration for generations to enjoy.

Website design and hosting

Attractive, sleek, and user-friendly websites for your business, event, or portfolio.

For events, a website helps get all the information that your guests will need, and afterwards lets you share photos and videos.