About Scott Roberts


It was living in Hawaii for three years that sparked a real interest in photography.  Since then I’ve become inspired by the hunt for the images that capture not only our attention, but also a depth of the people, places, and meanings of moments in time.

I traded tropical paradise (training dolphins at KBMML) for a doctorate in Social Psychology at the University of Maryland, which I completed in 2008.  At the time I also served a Senior Firefighter, EMT, and Swift Water Rescue Tech with the Berwyn Heights Volunteer Fire Department.  I’ve worked as a research psychologist for the federal government and now serve as a faculty member and administrator for the University of Maryland.

I’ve tried not to typecast myself into any one niche, but I particularly enjoy the SurReality(tm) projects like the “Selves Portrait” (left)... it was a creative challenge to represent different aspects of a personality and then blend them together into a single image.

Since 2003 I have been providing professional photography, graphic design, web design, and image services in the Washington D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia area.